The Moment I Knew I Was No Longer Poor


I recently saw an article on LinkedIn with the title, “The moment I knew I was no longer poor,” and I was curious about what the article had to say. It turned out to be a video selling some technique to do something. But the title gave me pause and I started questioning – When did I know I wasn’t poor? Do I actually know? Am I poor? What is the definition of ‘poor’?

Being raised in the U.S., poverty is a monetary state – you have money to survive or you don’t. And, no matter what camp you’re in, you are always striving to have more money.

For the first time in my adult life, and even though I’m making what I would be considered a pittance back home, I don’t feel poor at all. I am making what I need to survive (and honestly not much more) yet I am full – full of awe, full of wonder, full of good food, fully of good wine, full of language and culture, full of questions, and full of gratitude. I definitely live more fully than ever.

Being poor is a state of mind – Yes, it’s true that money is needed to survive, but it definitely doesn’t buy happiness. The proof is the number of people around the world that despite the grave conditions, they have family and bare necessities and are happier than those working themselves to death all in the name of more money.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d like more money. I would like to own my own flat and have a car. But now I see I don’t need as much as I used to think I did. 

The hardest part of not having extra money, is being told what I should do (travel or visit places) as if money isn’t an issue. I would very much like to travel around — deep dive in England’s villages and Scotland’s highlands, go to eastern Europe and discover hidden gems, and get down to Africa and start discovering life in each of the country there. But, money is an issue. Still, I’m happier in Italy than I was in the States. 

Money is the one thing that doesn’t enhance my life; it only allows me to survive. I am richer now than I have been in a long time. I am incredibly blessed.

One thought on “The Moment I Knew I Was No Longer Poor

  1. You are so right in your comments. I too know what it’s like To just have enough to survive. I was blessed the day you were born. But I am also blessed now where I live. I too would like to have more money So I could go see you But then we can’t have everything we want. But I’m still blessed.


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