Venturing into the Unknown, Part II

September 14th was my two-year anniversary living in Italy. I feel rather accomplished despite my competence in the Italian language being crap (i.e. less advanced than research would suggest it should be considering that I live in Italy). Nevertheless, the universe has provided and I greedily have accepted. So, now on to the next chapter . . . “Part II.”

There is a saying that contains the words, “ . . . Best laid plans.” In classic Michelle fashion, I don’t know the whole saying. But I know it means that despite the time and effort one dedicates to X, things don’t always go according to plan. My plan was simple; move out of student housing (where I was sharing a flat — and I hate sharing a living space), and find my own flat up north. It seemed like a simple, executable, completely reasonable plan. But the universe has another plan for me.

As my tour season winds down, I am faced with temp housing until the end of October. Then . . . I have no idea. I have been considering storing my relatively-minimal belongings and traveling around. But then, I am also considering the fact that I need to learn this language! I need to dedicate extra resources to studying and practicing. UGH! 

The bottomline is, in 25 days, I’ll be homeless. I have so many great ideas to make some money if only I had money to invest. But, I don’t have the money to invest. So, I’m back to keeping it simple. I need to find an apartment until I start my next season of tours next Spring.

The most poignant observation here is how I am reacting to this situation; Although I have some concern about it, I actually feel like something perfect will come up at the last minute. I’m not inclined to wait around to the last minute, but this feeling is telling me to relax and believe it will be ok. I have no reason to doubt it. I have been provided for since I got here. One thing after another has fallen in my lap when it was needed. I have never trusted my gut before. All too often I override the messages I’m getting, too caught it up in what I want the moment to be and not what it actually is. It’s a learning process and I’m definitely learning.

So here I am, taking another leap of faith; trusting that I am meant to be exactly where I am, and I will find out where I will be going . . . within the next 25 days. Send positive energy to the universe that it continues to provide.

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