CoVid-19 Lockdown, Day 15. My Coping Strategies

So much, and so little has happened since my last post. And I embarrassed about my slightly flippant tone on my last post considering how this has spiralled out of control, more than any of us could have ever imaged.

However, I do maintain my position on limiting what you read and whose advice you take. The amount of misinformation out there is staggering, and in our attempt to get answers it is very easy to fall victim to the advice or explanations being given.

But this post is not about who, or how, or why Covid-19 exists, but how I am dealing with it.

First let me say that I am not in the epicentre (Lombardia, Milan area), nor in Verona. I am relatively-safely tucked away in a mountain village about a two-hour drive from Milan. Despite feeling “safe”, I am still taking the threat seriously and the lockdown seriously. I only leave my flat to take out the trash and recycling, or to go to the market for food (now only once a week). Last week, it was a gorgeous day and I felt bold, so I went for a walk thinking we were rounding a corner. The next day, we had the highest death toll since this hit Italy. Stricter measures were implemented; a government vehicle drove through with a loud speaker telling us we need to stay inside (and does so twice daily). We now need to have on our body a hard copy form with our information stating we have not been tested positive and why we are out (medical need, medication, food). It was a turning point for me personally. I was now feeling the weight of this situation.

It has been by watching the poor decisions and handling of this in the US that pushed me over the edge. I know how many people, not just my family, live pay-check to pay-check and this could financially ruin at least a third of the US population. Watching states “suggest” staying home was stressing me out beyond anything here was (keep in mind, I personally am three months from financial ruin).

I have decided I have all the time in the world to focus on me; in truth, all I have control over is me. I now meditate every day, I am doing yoga a couple times a day, I am working a vision board and personal vision statement. I have downloaded books from the library, I am studying the Italian language, I take naps when I feel drowsy, I eat when I feel hungry, I dance when I feel like it, I watch shows or movies that lift me up. And, now, I am taking advantage of the online university courses that now being offered for free.

I am making a valiant effort to stay away from the Facebook and Instagram time suck. I am avoiding the news, save for two or three sources I feel are accurate. I am staying in touch with my family and my friends. I have reconnected with friends that were too busy or I just forgot to reach out. I am committing to valuing my friendships.

I practice centering techniques and repeat mantras that help me get through rough emotional patches. I remind myself, the only thing I have control over is how I react to this shitshow. It will pass. I want to be ready for when it does.

Wishing you all peace and blessings. We will overcome this … Together.

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