CoVid-19 Lockdown: Day 26 (give or take)

Has it really been 13 days since my last post? It feels like I just posted it. Gracious! And I think I’m handling this seclusion rather well. . . 

I was talking to my mother who is around 80 years old and who cherishes her freedom. At her living facility near a beach in Los Angeles county, she has access to a beautiful large garden with walking paths. She was telling me she is getting bored. She goes out and hits tennis balls against a wall, walks around the garden and then returns to her apartment. The living facility is now bring all the residents meals. She has it pretty good. Nevertheless, that free spirit feels constrained. I laugh at her. “Stop complaining! You have a garden. You aren’t sick. This is the time to look inward.” She grumbles back, “you’re like my mother.” I respond, “Whatever it takes, woman!”

This story isn’t unusual. Many of us adult children are threatening our parents to stay in, and to be safe. Oh the irony! 

Here in Italy, I don’t have a garden or a balcony so I hang out the window for sunlight. I do have a pretty amazing view of the mountains (which just got snow on the 30th, and now almost gone). Still, I really want to get out and walk along the river in Trento. My weekly trip to the market is gold to me. Today I went, walking the kilometre to the market, bright sunshine; crisp, cool air; birds chirping loudly. I was grinning stupidly all the way to the store. What absolute beauty! All the trees have buds on them and flowers are blooming everywhere. The countryside has a green tinge as the grasses and leaves are starting to grow. How can I not be giddy? And, I AM IN ITALY! I never forget that important point. The universe has blessed me with the opportunity to be in Italy! 

Despite the Covid-shitshow, we each have a choice; to complain about the inconvenience of staying indoors. Or, we can see life through a new lens. Breathe in and see what has always been there but we haven’t seen. Stop and literally smell the roses, listen to the birds, feel the wind. And, reconnect with real friends. Don’t waste your time of those that are “fair-weather” friends. Reconnect with yourself. 

Yes, this virus is killing people. I think we can honour them by appreciating what they haven’t been given – another chance.

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