Day 56+/-: Covid-19 Lockdown – The easing of restrictions . . . ish

Okay, first off – the video! It’s really short but it’s a newly discovered trail across the main road in the village. Awwww. Isn’t it pretty?

Lockdown is officially transitioning; we can now move around the region, and restaurants have food available for pickup (delivery is still an option for some). More stores will be reopening mid-May and some other services (e.g. hair salons) will open June 1. BUT, we have to wear face masks . . . everywhere. In the village, there aren’t many people, so as long as you stay 2 meters away from another person, they (other villagers) aren’t going to bark at you. As soon as you get to the centre of the village, where more people tend to be, face masks are a must. (I understand the need for them, but still I hate them. I can’t imagine choosing to wear them).

Last night, I went out around 9pm. Darkness had just set in. It was a clear evening, half moon, mild temps. It was perfect. And nearly NO ONE was out. So I just walked to the town centre and then came back (25 minutes). I passed maybe 3 people. It was exactly what I needed.

It makes one reflect on this mess and who we are as individuals. Do we want things to completely go “back to normal?” Do we want to be consumed by the empty demands of a job and society rather than the fulfilling demands of relationships (friends, family, etc)? Do we want to go back to eating on the go and scheduling time to chat with friends? Do we want to sit in our cars in traffic, anxious about getting to work late or returning home late for your child’s sporting event?

I left that all behind when I left the US two and half years ago. Still, even though I don’t have the crazy of “modern living,” this pandemic has given me time to consider what I need to do to be a better person for myself. And what is, bottomline, the most important thing in the world for me – my family. I need to make money, sure, but am I willing to sell my soul again? Hell no! So now the question is, how do I want to move forward in my life and how do I incorporate my family (who is on the other side of the world) into this ideal? I don’t have the answer yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

On a side note, as an introvert, being in seclusion really hasn’t been a stretch for me. I’m one of those who didn’t see a huge difference in my social (like, no difference). I have enjoyed not being pressured to socialise. I am actually feeling slightly nervous about having some freedom because I don’t want people pressuring me to “get out of the house.” I am looking forward to going to Verona and Rome when we can, but it will happen when it happens. 

Lastly, and this is more of P.S., As soon as the change of restrictions were announced, the weather changed and it was colder (not by any stretch “cold”) and raining. I had to laugh because the weather has been stellar all over Europe, and then the minute we could walk outside, it started raining. Coincidence? I think NOT! (Incredibles reference).

One thought on “Day 56+/-: Covid-19 Lockdown – The easing of restrictions . . . ish

  1. That was a beautiful short video. I would love to walk along that path. Reminds me of one I saw in Scotland years ago.

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