The Wild Italian South

I recently was encouraged (and financed) by a couple of friends to finally get to Southern Italy. So, I reached out to a few Italian friends for advice on planning an impromptu trip to Napoli and a couple of the surrounding areas. Keep in mind that I live in Northern Italy, specifically in an area […]

Day 65+/- of my Italian Covid-19 experience; all the feels

I hadn’t actually absorbed the fact that I haven’t left the village for over two months. It really hasn’t been that bad for me. Saying that, loneliness set in with the ease of the lockdown. But why? And what are things like “out there” in Italy, outside of the village? Let’s break this down in […]

Day 56+/-: Covid-19 Lockdown – The easing of restrictions . . . ish

Okay, first off – the video! It’s really short but it’s a newly discovered trail across the main road in the village. Awwww. Isn’t it pretty? Lockdown is officially transitioning; we can now move around the region, and restaurants have food available for pickup (delivery is still an option for some). More stores will be […]