The Wild Italian South

I recently was encouraged (and financed) by a couple of friends to finally get to Southern Italy. So, I reached out to a few Italian friends for advice on planning an impromptu trip to Napoli and a couple of the surrounding areas. Keep in mind that I live in Northern Italy, specifically in an area […]

US vs Italy – a series of comparisons Part II: TRANSPORTATION

From last time . . .  As I try to come to grips of the possibility of returning to the States, I have started considering more intently on the cultural differences, good and bad, between the two countries. For those of you reading this who have never been to the States, or have only been […]

Regione Italiane (Italian Regions)

  When talking about Italy, it’s probably difficult to have a conversation about Italy without hearing about Rome, Milano, Venice, and/or Florence. Interestingly, these main cities are all in different regions (what U.S. Americans could relate to as “States”). Despite the fact that all of Italy is about the size of California, the regions have […]